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G-Ratt Baits Sneaky Pete


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Presenting the world famous Sneaky Pete by G-Ratt Baits – a truly awesome, silent, slow-sinking glide bait designed to handle the toughest predator fish – from snook to striper to largemouth bass! This 8″ glide bait weighs 2.5 ounces and has a proven track record of success with big predator fish. Built with heavy-duty hardware, size 1 hooks, 360° rotating hook hangers, and interchangeable tails – the Sneaky Pete is one of the most effective glide baits ever made!

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Arguably one of the greatest glide baits of all time, we have found the Sneaky Pete to be the perfect glide bait for virtually any scenario – ESPECIALLY when fishing for snook!

For added versatility and excitement, employ the swoop technique with your rod tip, causing the bait to glide gracefully to one side. Pausing momentarily, then swooping again will effortlessly bring it back to the other side, captivating nearby predators.

One of the preferred retrieval methods is the reel crank, inducing a rapid darting action that mimics a fleeing baitfish, making it irresistible to hungry fish. Furthermore, by gently twitching the rod’s tip while reeling, you can make the bait’s head rock from left to right, perfectly imitating the movements of a swimming baitfish.

Bringing the Sneaky Pete to the surface with a slow retrieve offers another fascinating approach. The bait creates a beautiful tight and subtle rolling wake, which we’ve discovered to be exceptionally effective during early mornings and late evenings when fish are most active.

Adding to its allure, our new weighting system enhances the bait with a realistic rattling sound, capturing the attention of curious fish and enticing them to strike. Moreover, the bait’s slow sinking ratio of 1 foot in 2-3 seconds guarantees an enticing presentation to potential targets.

The Sneaky Pete comes equipped with two size 1 hooks, and if desired, you can easily change them to suit your preferences. Additionally, the replaceable tails ensure convenience and longevity, making this swimbait a top-tier choice for anglers seeking an extraordinary fishing experience.

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Bone, Bunker, Citrus Shad, Gizzard Shad, Hitch, Pike


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