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G-Ratt Baits Poppa Pete


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Introducing the Poppa Pete by G-Ratt Baits – a truly remarkable, silent, slow-sinking glide bait designed to handle the toughest predator fish! This exceptional swimbait weighs 5 ounces and measures in at 10 inches in length. Crafted with heavy-duty hardware, size 2/0 hooks, 360° rotating hook hangers, and interchangeable tails – the Poppa Pete promises durability and reliability on every cast.

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The Poppa Pete truly is the best BIG glide bait for snook that we’ve ever used!

One of its standout features is the easily replaceable tails, ensuring convenience and longevity for your fishing adventures. When using Poppa Pete, you’ll be delighted by its wide glide on slow reel cranks, allowing you to savor the serene gliding action. For an added element of excitement, try fishing it at a faster pace to witness its erratic baitfish-like movements, all while maintaining an enticing slow sink in a level position.

Uniquely versatile, this glide bait offers multiple retrieval techniques. A slow retrieve gives you that smooth gliding motion, while a strategic swoop of the rod tip causes the bait to elegantly glide to one side, followed by a pause and another swoop to bring it back to the other side. An equally beloved technique involves rapid reel cranking, simulating a fleeing baitfish with rapid darting actions that drive predators wild. To further enhance its realism, the bait responds beautifully to gentle rod twitches, creating a natural left-to-right head movement that perfectly imitates a swimming baitfish.

When you’re ready to explore new horizons, “wake” the bait with a slow retrieve, bringing it tantalizingly close to the water’s surface. You’ll be amazed by the alluring tight, subtle rolling wake it produces, making it particularly effective during early mornings and late evenings when the fish are most active.

Adding to its allure, our innovative weighting system introduces a realistic rattling sound that captures the attention of nearby fish, increasing your chances of a successful strike. With a slow sinking ratio of approximately 1 foot in 2-3 seconds, the G-Ratt Baits Poppa Pete Swimbaits promises an unforgettable fishing experience like no other.

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