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The Savage Gear Pulse Tail Mullet has been called the greatest inshore fishing lure of all time! Browse our large selection of colors and sizes now:


Friday 10/20 6pm EST

We’ve partnered with American Snakehead Customs to bring you more options when targeting snakeheads, bass, and snook!

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One of our primary goals is to provide bait diversity in your fishing experience. Check out the newest lures offered to the Snook Snacks line up! 


If you’re not already familiar with G-Ratt Baits, allow us to drop some knowledge on you. The brainchild of lifelong California lure designer Garrett Dixon, G-Ratt Baits is a collection of ultra premium products specifically designed for BIG predator fish. From striped bass to muskie and snook, the G-Ratt glide baits have been put through rigorous testing over the years and have earned the respect of the most diehard swimbait fishermen around the world. 

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Increase your odds of landing trophy fish over 40″ with our premium collection of the best lures for snook

Chase the elusive silver king with our collection of the best lures for tarpon.

Hunting a double digit largie? Browse our selection of the best lures for bass.

Hunt down one of South Florida’s most sought after fish with our collection of the best peacock bass lures.

Target bull reds more effectively with our collection of the best lures for redfish.

Sea trout can be very picky, so we’ve created a list of the best lures for trout.

Bullseye snakehead can be tricky to fool but we’ve got the best snakehead lures around!

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If you’re targeting large fish, then you’re definitely going to want to check out our accessories for proper fish handling & lure maintenance.