About Us

The mission of Snook Snacks is to extensively field test a wide variety of artificial baits and lures that prove to be effective at catching trophy-caliber fish of all species. In addition to providing our customers with the best baits for any fishing situation, we also aim to offer extremely competitive pricing and lightning fast shipping.

The second piece of our mission is the educational aspect – which is a work in progress. The hobby of fishing has exploded in recent years and continues to gain momentum. Part of our goal is to help anglers understand 3 important things:

  1. WHAT baits to throw for their species of choice
  2. WHEN & WHERE to use those baits
  3. WHY those baits work

Once you have gained an understanding of the above 3 concepts, you are well on your way to honing the skill of fishing with artificial lures!

Since our inception, we have grown to offer a full line of products from a wide variety of brands, and our offerings continue to expand as we partner with additional companies that fit the mold of making high quality baits that actually work!

We have also put together a full pro staff team of anglers who consistently prove that these lures work in all kinds of scenarios.

Meet the Owners

kevin hartmann holding big snook

Kevin Hartmann

Kevin is a military veteran with a background in business and marketing. His passion for inshore fishing and the science behind lure selection for different situations is what spawned the idea of Snook Snacks. Kevin’s true passion is throwing the biggest baits for the biggest fish in any waterway.

vince breuning holding giant snook

Vince Breuning

As a south Florida native, Vince grew up fishing for both largemouth bass & peacock bass. That passion eventually transformed into chasing down giant snook. Vince partnered with Kevin in 2022 to bring his professional skill sets of web design, programming, business management, and search engine marketing to Snook Snacks.

Snook Snacks Pro Staff

fernando aguilar pro staff
Fernando Aguilar

Port St. Lucie, FL

matthew page pro staff
Matthew Page

Fort Pierce, FL

tim gallagher pro staff
Tim Gallagher

Stuart, FL

Brett Henninger

Jensen Beach, FL

aaron allen pro staff
Aaron Allen

Hollywood, FL

sebastian tominelli pro staff
Sebastian Tominelli

Port Charlotte, FL

jesse grimes pro staff
Jesse Grimes

Sarasota, FL

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