Introducing the G5 Mullet

Back in October we had a vision to create an indestructible glide bait.  One that could catch any snook or tarpon you find swimming in the Florida waterways, beaches, or intracoastals.  We realized that glide baits were highly effective at triggering bites from our large game fish,  but we also realized that standard glide baits are designed for bass and other freshwater fish.  After experiencing several heartbreaks of lures being broken, ripped in half, or otherwise destroyed, we set out to create the first glide bait ever desinged to be indestrucible and specifically to catch large snook and tarpon.  The G5 was born. 


     Since the inception of the idea, we have worked hand in hand with Dan Credeur of Top Banana Lures.  We’ve built, tested, and rebuilt the bait 6 times over.  Each generation being a little better than the last.  The process has been hard and at times stressful.  We are pretty sure there have been a few times that Dan wanted to punch us in the face.   But we knew that to bring you the best possible glide bait, we had to get it right no matter what it takes.  Now, 6 months later, after many trials and tribulations,  the G5 mullet is ready to hit the water.   

     The G5 mullet is handcrafted from Cypress wood.     Each one is built individually and hand painted by Dan.  The G5 comes equipped with heavy duty hardware.  This includes 5x treble hooks, 8.5mm split rings, and a stainless steel pin connecting the joint.  The hooks are mounted to swivels so big fish cannot twist or break the hooks off.  The front secion of the body is wired through, meaning that from the nose to the hook is all connected by stainless, musky grade steel.  Every part of this bait has been designed with one purpose in mind, to catch giants. 

     We are building a very limited quantity of these lures.  We will open pre-orders tonight on at 8pm! 

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